Friday, September 25, 2009

The Flaw in My Thinking

I see now the flaw in deciding to start this blog when I did. I am so busy with classes and reading/studying, plus trying to keep up with laundry and dishes (never mind the vacuuming - that can wait until Thanksgiving break!) and helping my son with his homework, and meeting with his teacher, and all the other things that don't get done if I don't do them, that I don't have time to post! (I know, lots of people go to school full time, and work full time, and have families, and still manage to keep a clean house, but I'm apparently not one of them!)

On the plus side, I am rocking the A & P and Intro to Audiology! I was really intimidated by those classes when they started, because they both involve a lot more science-y stuff than I am usually comfortable with, but I got my first Anatomy & Physiology test back last Thursday, and I only missed 2 out of 64! 97%! The prof told us that scores ranged from 30% to the high 90's, so I did okay! And I felt really good about the Audiology quiz last week, too. Really good. I'm looking forward to getting that one back as well. Plus, my A & P book finally came from Amazon this week, so I actually have my own book to read from now, rather than relying on the copy in the library for 2 hour blocks or photocopying the chapters I need to read. I hate to spend money on that when I've already spent over $100 on the book.

Things are working well on other fronts as well. All the positive thinking I've been doing is starting to pay off - I really need to put the vision board back up and get serious about it. Boy chose his preferred band instrument today, and brought home the music folder with all the info about where we can go to rent instruments (most of the local music stores have rent-to-own programs, as I'm sure they do everywhere kids take band and orchestra). But, the instrument my kid fell in love with the from the first day of band (after 3 years of telling me he wanted to play the drums) is the Baritone horn (or, as Boy calls it, the "Bini Tuba", because it looks like a mini tuba and starts with a B). And, as luck would have it, the baritone horn is the only instrument that our school provides for the students - not only do I not have to rent one this year, but they have enough instruments that he can have one to keep at home to practice on, and one to leave at school to play there! The band instructor said something about the size, but I can't imagine it is bigger or harder to carry than a cello, so perhaps they do that with the larger string instruments as well (I don't know, as I didn't get the rental sheet on the string instruments).

The Universe is smiling on me this week.