Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Group Project - Bah!

I hate group projects! I hate relying on other people for my grade - it always seems like I end up doing the lion's share of the work anyway (if I want to make sure it's done right!), and there is always at least one slacker who is totally not reliable in the group and I feel like I have to babysit them, if I don't want them to pull everyone's grade down. Arrrgh!

Obviously, group project due tomorrow (Morphosyntax), and I've been e-mailing everyone in the group to make sure they all have their parts done (my parts have been done for a week and a half). The girl who is putting the summary together should have it to me later tonight, so I can go over it and print it out and put it in the folder with everything else. Then I can sleep. After I read some more A & P.

This week has been all about reviewing for finals, and working on my letter of intent, and asking my professors if they will write letters of recommendation for me. I always feel so pushy doing that, but I guess they expect it, so they don't seem to mind too much. At least I'm getting A's in all their classes so far - we'll see how I do on my finals! I think one class could slip if I'm not really diligent.

I've decided that I really like my Normal Language professor - he's very nice and straightforward and approachable. When (not if - I'm thinking positively here) I'm in grad school down there, I hope I have him for a few more classes at least. His class is the one I'm doing best in, as well - I missed 2 questions on one exam, and that is the only score I've gotten from him that hasn't been perfect. Kind of frustrating, actually - they were the kind of stupid mistakes you make when you are overconfident, and don't double-check your answers. I think I've learned my lesson there. But that means I won't be getting a 4.0 in any class this semester. Oh, well.

Also trying to work on Christmas/Hanukkah knitting, during study breaks. I'm on the second sock of a pair for one of my nieces, and I want to make a shrug for my mom, and a hat for my sister's fiance and a shawlette for my sister (although I won't be shipping that, so it doesn't really have to be done until New Year's Eve, when I fly out there for her wedding). And another small shawl/scarf/something like that for my sister-in-law's birthday, which is January 2. Not a lot of time, but most of them are small projects, so should be doable.

Also got two travelling scarves today, for the scarf group I'm in on Ravelry. Those shoudn't be too involved, once I find the right yarns and stitch patterns. One is a lengthwise scarf in fingering weight, so that might take a little bit longer - maybe 6 or 8 rows at 500 stitches per row! I don't think I'll be able to finish that in one sitting, like I did the last one I worked on.

Husband is in Cleveland for training and company holiday party, so I have some peace and quiet now that boy is asleep. I think I'll go study now.