Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round...

So, I'm doing some spinning for a friend - I've never spun on spec before, but at least he wasn't really picky about what he wanted.

I gave him some handdyed handspun last summer for his birthday, and he so loved knitting with it that he requested more. The guidelines were three skeins, green, and handspun. No weight, no specific colors, nothing. He said that he loved the last skein because it was unique and didn't necessarily match anything else, which I chose to take as a compliment (I'm sure it was meant that way, really).
Last year, when I was just learning, I had some mystery wool that I inherited along with the spinning wheel, and it was undyed, so I spun undyed bulky, lumpy yarn. Then, I decided to play with dyeing too, and bought some Wilton's paste dyes. My friend loved it.
This year, I have a boatload (thanks to my husband's trip to Stonehedge Fiber Mill and his theory that more is always better) of light grey Corriedale roving, and I have dyed four 2-oz balls of it in various shades of green, brown, and blue/teal.

That's actually not a bad representation of the colors. I think it's spinning up pretty nicely:

I just have to hope he likes the weight he is getting, 'cuz I like to spin finer than what I gave him last year. I'm trying not to spin it too fine, or I'll never finish it! I think it will be somewhere in the DK/light worsted range.

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