Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another school year, another head bump...

At least this year's call wasn't nearly as bad as last year's! There I was, sitting in the basement of the Rackham building with my group, working on our presentation for our Neuroscience class next week, when my phone rang and an unfamiliar number popped up. Turns out it was the school nurse at my son's school, calling from the clinic where the boy was sitting with ice on his head. Apparently, his head collided with another student's knee while the class was gathering for reading time. Tears ensued, as did a trip to the clinic for ice and the requisite call to Mom.

I told the nurse that it was much better than the call I received from school the previous fall, when the boy couldn't stop in time while playing freeze-tag in gym, and crashed face-first into a light switch. That time there was a nosebleed, and a light switch-shaped cut on his forehead, and bruises. He has a sort of mini-Harry Potter scar now, only it isn't quite shaped like a lightning bolt - more like an upside-down T right in the middle of his forehead.

This is a tradition I can do without!

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  1. When they get old enough (say 13) they don't call Mom anymore. Yesterday Sonny boy ran into the cord holding the bottom of the Volleyball net. He has a mohawk right now, so you can really see the rope burn across the side of his head, about 5 inches worth.