Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

A new year needs a new look!

Well, we made it past the holidays intact! I finished the mittens I was working on for my friends, and they were successfully gifted last Sunday. I wish I'd gotten pictures of the recipients wearing them (Scott said he would never take his off - I think that might eventually get awkward, but it's not up to me), but here are pics of the finished products anyway:

These are a Brooklyn Tweed pattern by Jared Flood (love Jared's patterns!) called Strago (Ravelry link). They are made out of alpaca, and the pattern was just perfect for my friend Mark.

These are Scott's. They are felted, and I think they will be extremely warm, but the thumb on this pattern was a big disappointment - it's huge! I don't think any normal human being has a thumb that is that long in proportion to their hand, and I wish I had realized that the thumbs would not felt down enough when I was knitting them. But Scott loved them, and that is what matters.
Now I'm working on a scarf for my husband's aunt to give to a friend of hers as a birthday gift. It's going slowly, probably because I would rather be working on something for myself! But, she is paying for this scarf, so it would be a good thing if I were to finish it quickly.
We are going to a family birthday party tomorrow - we always celebrate the birthdays that are grouped close together at one party, so the aforementioned aunt (whose birthday was yesterday), my sister-in-law (whose birthday is tomorrow), and I (my birthday is Tuesday) are celebrating tomorrow. Should be fun.
That's all for now - hope your year is starting out well!


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  2. Beatuiful mittens. I love the square top on the Strago mittens. Just curious -- how many stitches do you kitchener to finish the top?

    I'm a little weird. I actually love the kitchener stitch!

    I found your blog from the link on The Yarn Harlott. Beautiful work, here. : )

  3. Thank you! I think it was 12 or 14 stitches per needle kitchenered - I would have to go dig out the pattern to know for sure, but it was however many stitches the pattern called for to be grafted. I only adjusted the length, not width. It was a fun and pretty easy pattern to knit, and my first stranded colorwork project!